Card Payment Issues

I have attempted to pay online but the transaction was not successful.  Why is this? 


There are several reasons why this may have happened:


  • * You may have made a mistake entering the card number. 

  • * Your credit limit may have been exceeded.  

  • * In addition to an overall credit limit some card issuers may impose daily limits and limits on the size of individual transactions. 

  • * The postcode you entered is different from the postcode held by the card issuing company. 

  • * The card may be expired, cancelled card or blocked. 

  • * Not all cards are eligible for online payments.


If your card has been declined you may try again, but, please be aware that most card issuers allow only three consecutive attempts before the card is blocked for the rest of the day.  In order to protect your confidentiality the card issuing company will not tell South Devon College why the transaction has been declined and you will need to contact them directly to ascertain the reason.